At this point between ASF 2014 and ASF 2015, we have taken a moment to reflect on some of the most salient highlights from last year against the backdrop of the current security conversation at home and abroad. We are grateful to Intel Security for its continued support of the Forum and for underwriting this report.

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    • We know where #ISIS is hiding, but "we have not taken the fight to these guys," say US pilots over #Iraq

      @AspenSecurity May 26th
    • Two takeaways on terrorism for policymakers: 1. Wars = in for the long-haul 2. Don't overestimate terror groups

      @AspenSecurity May 26th
    • Musa and Bintu are two #BokoHaram refugees whose story, unlike many others, has a happy ending

      @AspenSecurity May 20th
    • Seal Team displays some mean skills during arms drills in #Russia. @USSOCOM should take notes WATCH

      @AspenSecurity May 20th

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