• ASF 2020 Goes Digital

    BY: John Hogan

    The Aspen Security Forum will now take place as a digital event on August 4, 5, and 6 after the in-person event was cancelled out of abundance of caution for the safety of everyone participating in the event.

    ASF 2020 — the first digital experience offered by the Aspen Security Forum — will convene foreign heads of state, senior U.S. government incumbents, leading policymakers, visionary thinkers, and business executives to discuss the most important issues of our time, including the twin health and economic crises facing the world today.

    Additionally, the Forum will offer a series of regular programming to expand on conversation held during its regular three day event.

    Aspen Security Forum followers interested in learning more about the digital Aspen Security Forum and its regular programming series should visit the new 2020 Aspen Security Forum miscrosite via the below link.


    Individuals or organizations interested in supporting the event should contact Niamh King, Deputy Director of the Aspen Strategy Group, and Deb Cunningham, Senior Partnerships Advisor.

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